For years, olive-growing families in Spain strive for sustainability in olive-growing cultivation Families who, with their daily and constant work, during hot and cold days, and whose primary concern is to tend to their olive trees, wish to produce and offer high quality olive oils for all people around the world. 

These professional growers who have been taught by their ancestors and who have passed down their knowledge to others, are aware of the need to grow in this demanding and competitive world.

Given the globalised world and today's circumstances, over 18,000 farming families need to be grouped together and rally to better defend their olive trees and their production and that is how the Interoleo Group was created in 2009, respecting the way of life of farmers and their daily good work.

The Interóleo Group fights alongside farmers defending the centuries-old culture, the olive growing culture, with its fruit, the olives and its juice, the extra virgin and virgin oils.  Including, the mission is to defend olive-growing, the union of the olive oil producing villages.

For this reason, the Interóleo Group intends to revalue olive oil through its marketing and production, and finally, in this manner, that the olive-growing families have what they deserve, which is to keep the olive growing culture alive.

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