Easter week is nearly here, and although this year it will not be celebrated normally, you can't miss some delicious torrijas made with extra virgin olive oil. The most typical sweet of this time of year.

It's an easy recipe to make that everyone will like. Let's do it!

torrijas con aceite de oliva interoleo

Ingredients. -


To make these delicious torrijas you're going to need:

We do not give you quantities because depending on the amount of bread you are going to use you will need more or less ingredients, so you can make from a few little ones to try, to many to give away to your neighbors to sweeten them up these days.


Preparation. -


The preparation is as follows:

  1. Put a pot on the fire with the milk, 2 cinnamon sticks, the washed skin of a lemon, without the white part, and 3 spoonfuls of sugar. Leave over medium heat so that the milk infuses with the cinnamon and lemon. Turn off before it starts boiling
  2. Beat the eggs, it's better to do it one at a time in case you are not sure how many you might need.
  3. Put plenty of extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan and wait until it is very hot.
  4. Soak the slices of bread first in the infused milk and then in the egg, wetting them well on both sides, and place them in the frying pan with the hot olive oil.
  5. When it is golden on one side, turn it over so it gets golden on the other side. When the torrija is ready, you have to take it out of the oil with a skimmer so that it drains the oil. Place them on a plate.
  6. Mix sugar and cinnamon powder in a bowl and coat the torrijas with this mixture while they are still warm. Place them in a bowl, and they are ready to eat and enjoy!

torrijas con aceite de oliva virgen extra

Some recipes instead of coating the torrija in sugar and cinnamon, make it in honey or syrup, in all its forms are very good. You can eat them alone, with a coffee, milk or chocolate, as an evening snack or at breakfast.

It reminds us of when our grandmothers used to make them at this time of the year. What memories do they bring to your mind? How do you prepare them? Tell us