Do you want to make a perfect and original gift? Interoleo group will give you some excellent presents ideas!

As you know, you must have a healthy and balanced diet. A product that undoubtedly helps this is the Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Do you know some of its properties? Keep reading!

7 Extra Virgin Olive Oil properties


Take a look at these 7 Extra Virgin Olive Oil properties , but it has many more:

1.                     Lowers glucose levels

2.                     Prevents cardiovascular diseases

3.                     Reduces hypertension

4.                     It is the most digestive oil

5.                     Helps calcium absorption

6.                     Improves intestinal transit

7.                     Helps nourish, hydrate and revitalize our skin

As you can see Virgin Olive Oil has multiple benefits . That’s why it is a perfect gift!

3 tips to wrap up your Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift


Put a bow on the bottle . It will be beautiful and simple . Have you seen what original labels we have on our packaging?

* Another idea, buy our pack of 3 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil . They have different origins:

·    Interóleo Premium is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a distinctive green color. 100% picual variety.

·    Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Interóleo (Spain) with Protected Designation of Origin in the Sierra Mágina Natural Park

·    Interóleo Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Protected Designation of Origin from Sierra Segura

Decorate a wooden or cardboard box. Put your Virgin Olive Oil in it and fill the gaps with decorative paper.

Why give Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift?


Giving Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a gift is an excellent way to surprise the person who you love. And you will help your family members to lead a healthy and balanced diet.

You can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all your recipes. Whether they are desserts, salads, o even a fancy dish.

Giving an extra virgin olive oil as a gift is an exellent choice to surprise the ones you love.