Summer is coming, and with it, the heat and the desire to eat cold foods. What better recipe than a good and fresh Andalusian gazpacho.

Basically all Andalusian gazpacho recipes are similar, but there are people who prefer to add more or less garlic, vinegar, or even change the green pepper to red or not add onion. We leave you a base recipe and you can make the modifications you want until you have it to your liking.

A few tips

Let's remember that the vegetables must be fresh, the best tomato is the pear one, but you can also use normal tomatoes or Daniela, we like to peel it before adding it, but if you prefer not to do it, you can strain the result so that there are no seeds or tomato skins left.

Another tip, remove the garlic shoot (the inside). As for the vinegar, it is better to use white wine vinegar. The bread is optional, you can add it into the gazpacho or make some croutons.

Remember! If you add ice, the gazpacho can be watered down, if you don't want this to happen, it is better to keep it in the fridge for about 2 hours before eating it.

Gazpacho can be eaten in two ways: some people prefer it in a bowl, so you will have to chop cucumber and green pepper to add it, and optionally the croutons. You can also drink it in a glass, for which it must be more liquid, you can achieve this by adding more water, or if you don't want to do it this way, you can strain it with a chinois.

* A chinois is a stainless steel strainer that serves to separate the liquid part from the solid.

And of course, you need a good extra virgin olive oil Interoleo 

Now let's start with the recipe.


Ingredients to andalusian gazpacho

1 kilo of pear tomatoes

1 green pepper

1 cucumber

½ onion

1 clove of garlic (without the shoot) - you can put more or less quantity as you like

50 grams of bread from the day before

50 ml of robust Interóleo extra virgin olive oil

White wine or sherry vinegar

250 ml water

Salt to taste



As we told you before, peel the tomatoes and the cucumber. Chop everything: tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper and onion.

Put the tomatoes in your blender, or food processor, and crush them well.

Add the cucumber, green pepper, garlic, salt to taste, extra virgin olive oil, bread, water and white wine vinegar. Keep crushing everything.

It is very possible that your blender glass won’t be big enough when you start to crushing everything, you can put the ingredients into a container with enough depth.

When you see that everything is shredded enough, it's ready. It’s in this step when you have to decide if you want it thicker or more liquid as we mentioned before.

Keep it in the fridge so that it is refrigerated and fresh when you eat it.

andalusian gazpacho with olive oil

We hope you enjoy your Andalusian gazpacho.