Have you ever wondered if you're using olive oil correctly? We are going to tell you some common mistakes made when using olive oil.

You already know about the many benefits of using extra virgin olive oil in our recipes and it is probably the most used in Spanish cuisine. But you have to avoid making certain mistakes that can reduce those benefits.

aceite de oliva virgen extra

5 mistakes made when using olive oil

We leave you with 5 errors that are usually made when using olive oil

Poor conservation

Where do you usually keep your olive oil bottle? Have you ever left it near the kitchen stove?

 Heat, air and light are not recommended for the good conservation of olive oil, these elements make it lose certain qualities. For this reason, it is advisable to keep the olive oil away from direct light or the heat of the stove, it’s better in a cupboard in our kitchen, so that it is kept in a dark and cool place.

Not using extra virgin olive oil for cooking

This is one of the most common mistakes when using extra virgin olive oil, thinking that it can only be used cold, in salads or on toast. One example is frying, using extra virgin olive oil is healthier than using another type of oil. Since EVOO maintains its properties better, it absorbs less fat and enhances the flavour of the food more.

Not reusing olive oil

This oil can be reused a higher number of times than other types of oil, it must be conserved and handled in the correct way, for example: cook dry food, use it at the right temperature, filter it after use and do not mix used oil with new oil.

cocinando con aceite de oliva virgen extra

Disposing of olive oil through the sink


One of the usual practices when disposing used olive oil, unfortunately, is to pour it down the sink, and this is one of the biggest mistakes, because when you pour the oil it is still hot and it goes well through the pipes, but when it cools down it solidifies and you can imagine what a mess this is!

In addition, oil should be taken to a waste facility for recycling, not disposed of at home. Nowadays more and more cities have these facilities. Another way to recycle or reuse it, is making soap.


Overheat it when cooking

Has it ever happened to you that you pour the oil into the pan, forget about it and it starts to make smoke? That's when the oil starts to burn because it's too hot, this makes the olive oil start to lose some of its properties.