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Why Jaén Oil?

The daily lives of people from Jaén prosper alongside olive oil, surrounded by their customs, benefits, cuisine, economy and, in short, their olive culture.

In this manner, the olive tree, olive and oil is a deeply rooted way of life in Jaén which is inherited from the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs and which is why beliefs, myths, remedies and cultural manifestations are treasured since time immemorial.

The province of Jaén amasses the greatest areas of natural parks in Spain, a historic border land with fortresses, citadels, castles and watchtowers, a historical tradition of a number of the most momentous battles of its time.

The municipality of Jaén has as its main economic activity olive growing and olive oil production.

Landscape with olive fields near Ubeda - Spain, Andalusia

The geography of Jaén is distinguished by its huge and beautiful expanses of olive trees which genuinely resemble a green, grey and silver sea where the olive growing areas blend with the forests of the Sierras.

Each and every one of the 60 million olive trees in the province of Jaén have a family, who grow olives and produce oil all year round and is the main source of income and work for a large part of its population.

And why Jaén Oil? Simply because Jaén has a plenty and really good oil. A high percentage of the oil which is produced is of that of Picual variety, of recognisable sensory characteristics and distinctive personality, and excellent durability and resistance to temperature and frying. The rest of the oil is of the Royal and Arbequina varieties.

Jaén oil is culture, health, flavour, a Mediterranean diet, and passion and wisdom in cuisine.

Jaén “Passion for its Oil”

Jaén is the largest olive oil producing region in Spain and the world, producing more oil by itself than the second largest producer in the world, Italy.

The province of Jaén in Spain proclaims itself as the “World Capital of Olive Oil”, as it is the location with the greatest concentration of olive trees and olive production. Picual is the most abundant variety in the province of Jaén, although Royal, Arbequina and Cornicabra varieties are also grown.

The province of Jaén currently has three protected Origin Denomination (D.O.P.) olive oil:  Sierra Segura, Sierra Cazorla and Sierra Mágina.

Availing itself of its worldwide status, Jaén hosts a large number of events related to Olives and Olive Oil. Foremost among them is EXPOLIVA The International Fair of the Olive Oil and Allied Industries as the most important world event related to olive oil and its production.

Events worthy of mention are the International Congress on Olive Oil and Health (CIAS) and the “Jaén, paraíso interior (“Jaén, inner paradise”) International Cuisine with Olive Oil Award.

Hornos de Segura sobre el embalse del Tranco, en la sierra de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas.
Envasado de aceite de oliva virgen

The geography of the Province of Jaén is covered by over 60 million olive trees which range from the plains of the Guadalquivir to merge with the pine forests of the Sierras.

This amount of olive trees make Jaén a leafy and fertile land, where the olive groves where one can barely see the soil ground constituting the motto of the “sea of olives” municipality. The province of Jaén could still be crossed by a squirrel without touching the ground, as stated of the Iberian peninsula of ancient times.

The province of Jaén, with 550,00 hectares of olive groves, represents over 25% of the Spanish area and 42% of the area of Andalusia, producing approximately 50% of the national total of olive oils, and more than 20% worldwide. From an internal perspective, 78% of the province’s agricultural area is earmarked to olive growing, which is mostly olives for oil mills.

The consideration of the strategic sector of olive groves and olive oil is unquestionable and not only for its contribution to wealth and provincial employment, but likewise due to its social, environmental and cultural repercussions.